Next Monthly Screening

To Be Announced 

December 10th & 11th, 2014 @ 7pm

Carolina Theater, Downtown Hickory 

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Upcoming Screening - "Stories We Tell" - August 8th @ 7pm

Footcandle Film Society will be screening the documentary "Stories We Tell" August 8th at the Carolina Theater in downtown Hickory.  Society members are free, non-members (based on seat availability) are $5 at the door.


About the film:

This well-received documentary by actress/filmmaker Sarah Polley looks at the relationship between her parents and features interviews with siblings and relatives.

Footcandle Films: Only Pacific Rim Forgives

Giant monsters are emerging from the sea to do battle with equally gigantic robots. Sound like box office gold? On this episode Alan & Chris review Guillermo De Toro's "Pacific Rim" and also ponder a smaller film from "Drive" director Nicolas Winding Refn – "Only God Forgives" starring Ryan Gosling and Kristin Scott Thomas. Rounding the show out are the News segment discussing the movie buzz coming out of ComicCon and some film recommendations.

Recommendations – "Plan 9 From Outer Space", "Cannibal! The Musical"

Footcandle Films: The Lone Monster Sapphires

Hi-Ho (or Yo depending on which internet site you read) Silver! Away! Now would that be Footcandle movie rangers Alan & Chris encouraging you to point your trusted steed towards screenings of "The Lone Ranger", Pixar's summer offering "Monsters University" and the Australian indie "The Sapphires" or to gallop as fast as you can in the opposite direction? Tune in to find out – also get the scoop on some Hollywood buzz and recommendations of films that you might have missed currently available for streaming online or rental.

Recommendations – "Rachel Getting Married", "The Way Back"

Footcandle Films: Man Of The End WarZ

With all the movies rolling into air conditioned theaters this summer Alan & Chris decide to go heavy on the reviews and light on the news in this episode of Footcandle Films. Things kick off with a review of "Man of Steel"(and no we still don't know how Superman shaves), continue with the action thriller "World War Z" and conclude with their opinions on "This Is The End".

Recommendations – "MacGruber", "Shotgun Stories"

Upcoming Screening - "The Sapphires" - July 11th @ 7pm

Footcandle Film Society will be screening the Australian film "The Sapphires" at the Carolina Theater Thursday, July 11th at 7pm.  Members are free and guests/non-members may attend if seats are available prior to showtime.

About the film:  

This musical comedy/drama is based on a play of the same name by Tony Briggs.  The film details the story of a singing group from Australia who travels to Vietnam in 1968 to entertain the troops during the war.