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November 12th & 13th, 2014 @ 7pm

Carolina Theater, Downtown Hickory 

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Footcandle Films: Ender Hijacking Thor

Science fiction. A well beloved film genre of Chris, who also loves to read (when he's not sitting in a darkened theater). How does he feel about the big budget adaptation of the bestseller "Ender's Game"? Alan, who looks at reading books like a plate of steamed broccoli, also gives his thoughts on the film. Shifting gears the gents then discuss another Somali pirate film – no it's not "Captain Phillips 2" but the highly regarded Danish film "A Hijacking". Movies news (featuring Alan's brief review of "Thor: The Dark World") and recommendations then serve as the icing on the cinematic film nerd cake that is this episode of Footcandle Films.

Recommendations – "American Psycho", "Flight"

Upcoming Screening - "A Hijacking" - November 14th, 2013

Footcandle Film Society will be partnering with the Hickory International Council to bring the Danish film "A Hijacking" to the Carolina Theater on November 14th.  A discussion will be held following the conclusion of the film.

About the film:

The crew of a Danish cargo ship is hijacked by Somali pirates who proceed to engage in escalating negotiations with authorities in Copenhagen.


Footcandle Films: Escape from Captain Phillips

Was Alan held captive by Somali pirates like Captain Phillips? Not exactly - but he didn't get a chance to see the film. For the ransom of a 2014 popcorn bucket Chris agrees to give solo reviews of both "Captain Phillips" and the indie film "Escape from Tomorrow" that was covertly shot in the Disney World Theme Park. After the reviews, the fellows discuss some movie news and finally have their movie trailer discussion that they've been putting off. Rounding out the show are recommendations for movies to catch up on available on iTunes, Netflix, or sometimes on good old fashioned DVD.

Recommendations – "About A Boy", "Carrie"

Footcandle Films: Interview with Thomas Morgan

Documentary filmmaker Thomas Morgan stopped by to discuss his film "Waiting for Mamu", give some doc recommendations and tell what projects are next on his horizon.

Documentary Recommendations – "A Band Called Death", "The Entrepreneur", "Gideon's Army", "Beware of Mr. Baker"

Special Screening - "Waiting for Mamu" - October 23th @ 7pm

The Footcandle Film Society is hosting a special screening of the documentary "Waiting for Mamu" on Wednesday, October 23rd at the Carolina Theatre in downtown Hickory.  The film tells the story of the 2012 CNN "Hero of the Year" Pushpa Basnet and her efforts to help the children of imprisoned parents in Nepal.

The screening will start at 7pm, and will be free to current Footcandle Film Society members and open to the public for $5.00 a ticket at the door. Non-members may also buy advance tickets here. The film's directors, Thomas Morgan and Francois Caillaud, will be in attendance and will hold a Question-and-Answer session immediately after the 40-minute film is finished.

About the film:  In some parts of the world, children whose parents are sent to prison and who lack other guardians are locked away along with their parents. This eye-opening documentary tells the story of what it means for a child to grow up in prison and what hope exists for a better life. "Waiting for Mamu" follows internationally-lauded social worker and 2012 CNN Hero of the Year award-winner Pushpa Basnet, founder of a development center for children who would otherwise grow up behind bars in her native Nepal.

The film held its world premiere at the Traverse City Film Festival in July, and has been screened in various cities across the nation in recent months.  The film received support from actress Susan Sarandon and filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, both serving as Executive Producers for "Waiting for Mamu".  To learn more about the film, please visit the film's web site at