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November 12th & 13th, 2014 @ 7pm

Carolina Theater, Downtown Hickory 

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Footcandle Films: 2014 RiverRun International Film Festival


After taking in a deluge of films at the 2014 RiverRun International Film Festival in Winston-Salem, NC Alan & Chris sat down and recounted their thoughts on what they saw. Bear with them…it was late at night and films almost started running together. Plus they were a bit giddy because they’d gotten to see director David Gordon Green and actor Tye Sheridan do an unexpected Q&A.

Upcoming Screening - "Tim's Vermeer" - April 9th & 10th @ 7pm

Footcandle will be screening the documentary "Tim's Vermeer" Wednesday, April 9th & Thursday, April 10th at 7pm.  A discussion will be held following the conclusion of the film.

About the film:

Inventor Tim Jenison seeks to understand the painting techniques used by Dutch master Johannes Vermeer.

Footcandle Films: Muppets Most Wanted Grand Piano

The Muppets are back in the theater with all new songs and celebrity cameos. What did Alan & Chris think of their efforts this time around? Will it likely be one of their favorites of the year like the previous film? Next up Frodo Baggins (aka Elijah Wood) goes art house with a thriller (Grand Piano) where he’s a pianist staging a comeback. Movie news and recommendations round out the episode…and sadly no review of “Ride Along” yet. Alan learns that the penalty for any further delay might mean he needs to take in an additional screening of “The Single Mom’s Club”.

Recommendations – “The Emperor’s New Groove”, “Crazy Heart”

Footcandle Films: The Great Beauty Wadjda

The 2014 Oscars have come and gone. Among the winners were the Italian film “The Great Beauty” for Best Foreign Language Film. Fresh from a screening of the film, Alan & Chris weigh the film’s merits and consider whether the Academy made a good choice. Time is also spent discussing “Wadjda” which has the distinction of being the first feature length film ever to be shot entirely in Saudi Arabia.

The results from the Oscar challenge are also revealed…someone is headed to a screening of “Ride Along”.

Recommendations – “Drug War”, “Psychos”

Footcandle Films: Llewyn & Lego

The Academy decided that “Inside Llewyn Davis”, the latest film by the Coen Brothers, was worthy of only two nominations in the less lauded categories of Sound Mixing and Cinematography. Alan & Chris weigh in with their thoughts on whether or not this was one of those infamous academy slights. They also talk about the recent highly successful kids film “The Lego Movie”. With 2014 promising to be a great year in movies the hosts also share their most anticipated films and then each give a recommendation for a film you might have missed.

Recommendations – “Beware of Mr. Baker”, “A Serious Man”