premiere-300x200Footcandle Film Society was started in the late summer of 2007 by Alan Jackson and Chris Frye.  Originally they met in the conference room of their day job (Jackson Group Interactive) after hours once a month and watched movies.  Afterwards they’d sit around until the wee hours and discuss what they’d just seen.  After 5 screenings, and a slowly growing list of attendants, they thought “Hey…wouldn’t it be nice to do this in a theater?”  On February 21, 2008 Footcandle held their first official public meeting at the Carolina Theater in downtown Hickory with a screening of the classic Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  Since then they’ve worked to bring a mixture of classic (ex. “The Apartment”, “Psycho”, “It’s A Wonderful Life”), art house (ex. “Jeff Who Lives At Home”, “Take Shelter”, “Moonrise Kingdom”), foreign (ex. “A Separation”, “Amour”, “A Hijacking”) and local independent films (ex. “Racing Dreams”, “Goodbye Solo”, “Six Gun Women”, “It’s Not You, It’s Me”, “Waiting for Mamu”) to the area.